july 9,2015

Today, I create octave  script  file and run it on terminal. In this script,  one matrix A is used. It was 4*4 matrix and I performed transpose, multiplication and another operations which can be performed on same matrix. I save this script file with .m extension or you can use .oct extension. When you write some c++ code in script, then you have to add header files(c++) and have to save this script file with .cc . Then I run it using octave filename.m. No header files are included when we are writing simple octave operations in script file.

Actually I want to do image processing through script file. So I write imread() and imshow() as a script and save it with filename.m. But when I run script file as octave filename.m, image display window was opened only for friction of second. That means I can’t see image. Now I have to solve this problem.


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