july 20,2015

I don’t know , Why I am facing a error day by day. When I am unable to correct error, I just want to solve them in any situation. Actually , many days ago, I compile my octave file with mkoctfile and run it successfully. But now , when I compiled my code , it gives error:

Assembler message:Fatal error: can’t create octfile.o: Permission denied

And when i run it , it gives error ./octfile: error while loading shared libraries: liboctave.so.1: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

 I found that, liboctave library of octave is missing. But from synaptic manager it is already installed and earlier i run many programs using this. But above problem occurred only for new file, when i have to compile first time. Old files are successfully compiled and run because their object file is created earlier, when i never faced such problem.I have to solve it


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