Transfer data using local server(Apache2)

 We can transfer data over local server and another user can receive that data by using IP address. Follow below steps to transfer data.

1. Firstly you must have to install Aache2

    $ sudo apt-get install Apache2

2. Type localhost/ on your browser’s addressbar to check Apache2 works or not. If Apache2 index.html shows ,that means apache2 works. Otherwise install it again.


3. Copy your files or folders into apache var/www/html directory

$ sudo cp -r /home/manpreet/Robotic /var/www/html

Here /home/manpreet/Robotic is a source and /var/www is a destination.

4. Open  /var/www /html directory to check  folder is copied or not .

5. Run below command to make this folder accessible.

$ sudo chmod  777  /var/www/html/Robotic -R

6. Now type following to see data on browser

localhost/Robotic        //if you copied you folder  in /var/www/html 

 Now just type your IP address in other remote computer to access your file. But both computer should be on same network to transfer files.


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