Install reveal-md

reveal-md is used to create presentations,. It uses basic concept of CSS stylesheet. Formatting is done through CSS coding. It has very simple rules for creating presenation. Firstly follow following steps to install reveal-md

1. Installation of reveal-md

$ sudo apt-get install npm
$ sudo npm install -g  reveal-md

2. Install node for reveal-md , clone it from github.

$ git clone 
$ which node //after downloading from clone, find its location. 
$ cd node 
$ make 
$ make install

3. Create demo presentation in reveal. Goto folder /reveal-md and create file in it.

$ vi

4. type code in 
#welcome         //# used as <h1>
##Manpreet Dhiman //## used as <h2> and so on.
###Master of Computer application.
---              // for next slide This is my profile. Its a  demo file of I am just learning about it. 
>Keep watching   // > symbol creates transparent box as a background.

5. Run file .

$ reveal-md       //show presenation on browser.

6. output:




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