September 14, 2015

Today I learn two new thing suddenly. Actually I was searching for my problem. But did not get exact solution. But I am happy because I come to know new things. First, I check octave mailing list, search for function related mails. I found one mail, In which person create two files with .m extension, in which he used multiple function defintion. But one file successfully run and another file give error ” function definition misplaced”. And this problem solve using  ” clear ” that we always added in .m file. This error occur , because he write “clear all” instead of  “clear”.

Second thing, that I know about source keyword in octave. I wanted to use functions and wanted to reduce my main.m file code. Then source code will be helpful. Using this, I just write source filename.m in that file, where I want to use function function of filename.m. If I can solve my function related problem, then I can use source keyword for reducing my code .


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