September 27, 2015

Today, I create flow chart for the function Stiffness_matrix, which I had created. Actually this was a work, that was given to me. I am happy to see ,  the thing that I can’t understand eariler , Today I learnt very easily. My flowchart results that I have calculated manually matches with function output.

Another work was, I have to generate documentation for octave file .m using doxygen. For using doxygen with octave, I had to learnt doxygen. For this I generate documentation for python file using doxygen and it works. But there is a minor problem, When I open html/ folder in browser, it shows files But did not shows documentation for that file where I added comments. I have to solve it. Follow this:

My main motive is to generate documentation for octave in doxygen and I searched doxygen with octave. There are many links. But I  can’t understand that how to use it. But I will. Because firstly I did not understand about python with doxygen and  in the evening I understand and did.


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