October 15, 2015

Done, Octave .m file documentation is generated.  Now doing experiments on it. Today in the evening, I learn new things about vim, its shortcuts. Before this I used tmux for an other purpose  i.e for continous running of presentation on experimental server. But today, I used tmux to working with  multiple terminal. For this type tmux on terminal, then press ctrl+b and then shift+%, new terminal window will be open parallely. Similarly for triple terminals. To navigate between 3 terminal,  press ctrl+b and use left, right key .

And escape dd will delete complete line in vi editor. To delete one word press escape and then dw. To delete rest of line after the cursor press escape and the d$. To move beginging of line press 0 in file. To undo recent action escape and u OR ctrl+u . To select text escape, v, then select text. To cut press x. To paste cutted text press escape , then p .


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