27 October, 2015

Django app completed . By creating Poll app , I just get idea about django framework. I faced little problems. When you want to acccess admin of your app, must write /admin ( in browser. After the admin, now template work I did. But I was little confused about where to create templates?, What settings need to  do in settings.py file.?  After that I just create / template directory under /polls/template/polls and  create index.html, detail.html and results.html files under it. Sometimes I found errors, But just focus on  Exception value: unindent does not match any outer indentation level (view.py , line 23), to remove error ( error when you run your app on browser). I check my app at each step . If you did not configure your app, Then when you run app on browser then it will show you error : Page Not Found(404). To solve this temporary type  /appfoldername on browser ( But you must have to configure it to run it on browser directly.


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