13 November, 2015

Today, I found a solution to generate table automatically in latex pdf. It is possible using pgfplotstables package. It takes .dat file as a input and generate table  in latex pdf form , this table contain complete data written in .dat file. Basically it is preinstall package comes with latex. But you can install it from its .zip file. I create demo example, in which I take one input file example.dat and latex file pgfplots.tex. And I  call example.dat under \pgfplotstabletypeset. You can give needed spacing between table border and its data.  For formatting you just need to add few parameters inside \pgfplotstableset.  This package can draw Octave/matlab figures such as meshgrid, Tufte style axes in 3D in latex pdf.

Later,  put figures into chapters. Inserting four images with subcaptions and one outer caption is not  very easy. I search alot and tried. In the evening, I found solution and put them in chapter.


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