\pgfplotstable in latex

  \pgfplotstable  package generates numeric table in latex pdf by getting input from .dat file. Basically this package is preinstalled. But if not, Install it from synaptic manager under Linux.

Create demoplot.tex

      \pgfplotstableset{% global config, for example in the preamble
       % these columns/<colname>/.style={<options>} things define a style
       % which applies to <colname> only.
       every head row/.style={before row=\toprule,after row=\midrule},
       every last row/.style={after row=\bottomrule}
      \pgfplotstabletypeset[% local config, applies only for this table
      1000 sep={\,},
      fixed,fixed zerofill,precision=2,showpos,
      column type=r,
 \caption{Estimated Data.}

create input file : example1.dat

level    dof    error1    error2    info    grad(log(dof),log(error1))
 1    4    2.50000000e-01    7.57858283e-01    48    0    0
 2    15    6.2300000e-02    5.00000000e-01    25    -1.35691545e+00
 3    81    1.56250000e-02    2.87124589e-01    41    -1.17924958e+00
 4    289    3.90625000e-03    1.43587294e-01    8    -1.08987331e+00
 5    1089    9.36562500e-04    4.41941738e-02    22    -1.04500712e+00
 6    4425    2.44140625e-04    1.69102322e-02    46    -1.02252239e+00
 7    19041    6.10351562e-05    8.20091159e-03    40    -1.01126607e+00
 8    63349    1.52587891e-05    3.90625000e-03    48    -1.00563427e+00


$ pdfltaex demplot.tex




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