January 20, 2016

Today was workshop on “Producing Elegant Technical Research Reports Efficiently ” organised by Testing and Consultency Cell, GNDEC Ludhiana. Workshop was about producing documents,  specially Thesis and Research Papers using LaTex instead of producing it through Microsoft Word. Which is very painfull job in microsoft word.

Today was bibliography seesion, there were M.tech and Ph.d students. Because they have to write Thesis and Research papers. This worshop was devided into 2 sessions. One is Learning/demo session and another is Lab session for practicle. After completion of Lab session, There was evaluation time, for this worshop team prepared online test based on Latex . To get  certificate, students have to gave online test.

No doubt I used, bibliography earlier, but there are many things that I never knows before this. Before this worshop, I created bibliography file manually. Through this worshop , I come to know about Jabref . Jabref is a refrence manager which provide data from papers to create .bib file. We can say jabref generate .bib file by own. We does not have a need to type bibliography file manually. To use Jabref you must have java installed.  LaTex is Really good for Researchers and Publishers.

After that, I helped students during Lab session of Bibliography.


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