Smart Phone : Engineer’s Toolbox. First Unconference at G.N.E by Testing and Consultency Cell.

Yesterday, I attended unconference “Smart Phone: Engineer’s Toolbox” organised by TCC family. This unconference was related with the professional use of your smart phone. How you use your smart phone as Engineer to reduce manual work. I enjoyed this unconference Have you control our laptop from mobile?. Have you check your heartbeat using smartphone?. Can we measure the area of ground from the photo. Have you calculate linear equations and plot their graph without doing anything.

In this unconference, there were 12 participant,  Me and  TCC members also participate in it. They present their Android App, which is used by them to make their work easy. The first candidate give the lecture on two apps which are MAPS.ME and Live Screen. MAPS.ME ( uses OSM, It provides you the offline map. You just download desire map at once, then download app. It shows you the offline map. It’s better from    google map because GoogleMaps require internet. Live screen is an App, which mirrors your mobile screen on the laptop. It was amazing.

One candidate told about DriveDroid, Multiple boot and orbot. DriveDroid ( is used when you want to boot from mobile. Instead of booting from USB, you will use your mobile to boot. Using Multiple boot, you can add multiple OS in your mobile. Similarly to PC, you can select your OS in mobile when it reboot. And orbot ( is a proxy app, suppose one website is blocked in the network, orbot will open that blocked site.

Other told us about another app, that they used. Such as Unified Remote ( control to control laptop from mobile, juice ssh to do work on laptop from mobile via terminal. sketcher to learn to draw on mobile. Heart Beat Rate ( to check your heartbeat by putting finger on camera. PhotoMath to calculate math expression by just focus on them. It will also show steps calculations.

Intel 8085 simulator ( ) , This app will prove useful for you, If you are Electrical Engineer or doing work with  microprocessor. Using this app, you don’t have a need to go into hardware lab or not have a need to purchase costly microprocessor kt. Just download this app and learn basics of microprocessor programming.

And Smart Tools ( app to solve Civil problems etc.

This was great unconference. Enjoyed a lot, in lunch break specially!


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