March 7, 2016

Today, we learn Civil Engineering concepts from sir and Amarjeet. Today, was presentation by Amarjeet on SIM (Structure Information Model). It means that we design structural elements based on information provided. This information is coming from using STAAD Pro file.  And sir told us basic elements behind this. In any building there are structural parts such as wall, beam , column, slab, stairs etc and there are non-structural parts such as windows etc. In STAAD Pro, 1D objects are called members and 2D and 3D objects are called elements. Then sir told us about rotation angle of wall and slabs on axis. And Advice us to do experiment of rotation  in 3D, not  on paper, projector etc.

After lunch break, all were busy in choosing GSoc project. So, I sent email for STEP Source Code Documentation project under BRL-CAD in their mailing list as well as STEPCode mailing list. And I join IRC of STEPCode.


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