LaTeX Workshop Experience at Chitkara University

4 days ago,  I had attended 2 day (12 march and 13 feb) workshop on LaTeX at Chitkara University Rajpura. I get this opportunity because of Rai sir. And I am pleasure that I attended this workshop with Rai sir and Sehra sir. They were speaker of that workshop. And me and pawan worked  as a volunteer in this workshop.

Workshop environment was totally unexpected. I expect that there will be speaker or teacher from another college. And there will be volunteer from other colleges. And our team will work only as volunteer. But it was not happened. There was only G.N.E, that why I feel great.

Actually on 12 march, I can’t go with my team. So, I go by bus. When I reached at CHitkara  University, I met Rai sir at Edison Block, workshop was there. And after tea, I go into workshop Hall. Sehra sir was giving demo on Latex to students. So, I stand to help the students. When sehra sir saw me, They said ” You are Welcome!” and All students looked at me. At that time I feel wonderful :P. And I thought, Mine decision of coming at this workshop was right. Then I solved student’s problems that they were facing during Latex. At 1:00
there was a lunch time, then me, pawan and gurjant go with Rai sir, Sehra sir and another professor of University for lunch. Lunch was yummy, But I can’t taste sweet dish. Most important thing, that I want to share, When we were doing lunch, Chitkara University sir comes toward me and said, ” Beta ! you are doing M.C.A”. I said, “Yes, Sir.” Then they said, “you are dedicated, There is a heavy rain But you come” 🙂 . After lunch, workshop was continued, some students don’t have full version of Latex, due to that students were facing problems of packages. So me and pawan install full version on windows and Linux. At 4:30 workshop was over. So, we go to our Guest room. After tea me, pawan and gurjant see campus. Nice campus!, there Block name was on Scientist name or famous person, like this Newton BLock, Edison Block, Terrisa Girls Hostel. After that, we go with Rai sir and Sehra sir for Dinner outside the university. There we are talikng about experience of first day and tecnologies. And Rai sir asked me 2 Qestions,And I answered one. Oops! second’s answer is pending. After dinner, we back in University and go to rooms. Now sleeping time.


Next morning (13 march), I get freshed and go with sir for Breakfast. We did Breakfast. After that we go to Edison Block for workshop. There Rai sir gave demo for mathematics in Latex and Sehra sir gaves demo on bibliography, Thesis. And we were busy in solving errors of students.There, experience was great, Atleast I come to know, I can solve errors of others. Students were asking Questions about my study. Somebody asked, ” You are doing Ph.d? “. Somebody asked,” which study you did?”. And someone asked,” you are doing Ph.d under Rai sir ot Sehra sir?”. These questions motivates me there :). At 1:00, we did lunch with sir. And after lunch, we continue workshop session. Students were giving good response during demo. All were doing work, Only 10% were that who are not doing. At the end, students said me ” Mam! please yeh thesis karna  hai, jaldi se bata do images ko alag folder se kaise call krna hai, bibliography kaise  krni hai”. At 4:30 workshop was over. Then we click photo with students and faculty. Then we come back to Ludhiana. Sir drop me near my house.


Experience of this workshop was great 🙂


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