Wedding Card in LaTeX

Today created  a   Wedding Card in LaTeX. It’s looking good and beautiful. Through it , I come to know new things about LaTeX. Normally, when we use \begin{center} environment , It keeps all  content in the center that I want  in wedding card. But at the end, i.e when I have to display venue, I don’t want that text in the center. But the table was showing  that data in the center because of the environment used. So, I changed c|c to l|l. It gives me desire result that I want.

Secondly, we can’t put more newline  space using “\ \”. For example: I put 2 line space after “on April 30.2016”. when I used “\\” 2 times, it was giving error. So, to remove this error I just put  extra”\+space” before “\\”. It solved my problem and I gave 2 line space at desired location.

Review my Wedding Card 🙂

Screenshot from 2016-04-24 22:48:39


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