How I solved mount error (\mnt\8426CA2726CA1A56) occurred during booting

Today I solved error that I am facing from a month ago. Actually, whenever I start the laptop, it gave error during booting. An error  was :  An error occurred while mounting \mnt\8426CA2726CA1A56. But every time I ignore this using ‘S’ and continue booting. But Today, I solved that.


The reason of this error is, When Ubuntu boots, it tries to automatically mount this partition but it does not work because Windows fast startup is enabled. So, to solve this error, disable ‘Mount at startup’ option of windows partition. Window is located at NTFS so uncheck  ‘Mount at startup’  option from that.

Steps to remove above error:

  1. Open disk in ubuntu.
  2. Open windows partition.
  3. Go to edit mount option of window partition.
  4. uncheck ‘Mount at startup’ option.
  5. Click Ok and restart your laptop.

Done 🙂


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