ngrok in Linux

Today, I install and use ngrok. ngrok is similar to Teamviewer which is used in windows and Linux to connect computers from any remote location and does not require to be on the same network. I thought that ssh can access computer only on the same network. So, I used Teamviewer instead of ssh.

Later on, Amrit told me about ngrok and he said that we can connect computers  from any remote location using ngrok.  So, I  install it 🙂

ngrok is easy to use. Follow below steps:

  • Just  download its zip file from :
  • Then unzip it. It will  create binary file  ngrok. Then run this binary file using ./ngrok.
  • Now login on : and Install your authtoken using :
    ./ngrok authtoken 2CAB7**************************
  • Now read its README file and apply command for your purpose.
  • for example: ./ngrok tcp 22 (if you want to provide  your computer as server on terminal). just give its link to client computer.
  • ./ngrok http 80  (if someone wants to access your computer from a browser).

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