Root Android phone to create more space for Apps

Sometimes, our Android phone don’t have enough space  for Apps. And we are unable to install our favourite Apps due to short space. Some people do reset their phone to get space But reset can release space of User Applications not System Application. In other words,  reset can’t  release space occupied by builtin Apps (System Application).

So, to release space of unnecessary  builtin Apps (System Application), you should Root your Android phone. Now what is Root? Root is “su” power on your device. You can work as developer in your device If you have knowledge.

Root Android phone using following steps:

Download and install Kingo ROOT in Android phone.


Open Kingo ROOT to Root your phone. But my phone is already rooted.


After root, new App “SuperUser”  will be installed. Just open it. It will give you su power on phone. You can delete Built-in Apps to create space.

Step 1


Step 2


Step 3: You can delete unwanted Apps or Games that are unecessary.


Now restart your phone.

Enjoy 🙂


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