Finally, I install gnupg-2.0.30 after struggle

From last one day, I was trying to install gnupg-2.0.30 for file
encryption and decryption. But I was unable to install it after
downloading. Error (No target found) was coming whenever I execute
“make” after “./configure”. But “make” was there in gnupg-2.0.30’s
folder. I searched alot and also saw youtube videos, But nothing found
regarding installation of gnupg. I was following same procedure as in
README, But I didn’t know where I was wrong. So, I leave it.

Today, I tried again. I read README again, some packages name was
defined in README before installation. So, I thought, I should install
all, after that I will be see error. After package installation, I
execute ./configure again. Now error was different :-). It was giving
only 2 errors, regarding installation of 2 libraries (zlib and
libpth-dev) and previous errors was solved. So, I install that 2
libraries. After that I run “./configure”again, it was succesfull. Now
“make” was ready to run. Finally I installed gnupg-2.0.30 after “make”and
“make install” commands :-).


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