Read math symbols from CSV

Today, I came to know about the new thing. Whenever I wanted (or tried) to print math symbol  (\leq, \sigma) through .CSV. It was giving an error. Because we can’t read LaTeX symbols directly from CSV. So, to read this, we will use \(math\) like this \(\leq\) in CSV to read any symbol.

Secondly, I did not know, how to define NULL values in the table using pgfplotstable? I was doing wrong. “I defined ‘nan’ for this, But it did not work”. If we want to define NULL values then leave it blank  and separated by commas.

JSON with LaTeX

Today, I used JSON data in LaTeX. To do this, Firstly, I load one file JSON.lua  in .tex file. When I did not download and load JSON.lua file in tex, it  was giving an error during compilation.  And when we are using JSON data inside .tex file then we use lualatex command to run latex code instead of pdflatex. 

Answer to june 9,2016

I got the reason behind the error described in june 9,2016. I had written comma separated values in LSDtable.csv file Which was placed in “input” folder. But there was another file of the same name as “LSDtable.csv” which was placed outside of “input” folder, whose values were not comma separated. So, whenever I run code, it was giving  an error of this wrong file. When I delete this wrong file. Then error removed :-).

Working with .cls file in LaTeX

Normally, LaTeX provide predefined class to work like article, report, Book, elsarticle etc. But sometimes we need special features in our document, I can say when we need sudo power on document then we can create our own .cls file. .cls file provide code reusability. It means that whenever  you need similar feature in future projects. Then you just need to put name of your .cls that you have created earlier. Just do following to create and use own .cls file.

Firstly create .cls file and save it with any name for example: Dhiman_article.cls


\ProvidesClass{Dhiman_article}[2016/05/3 Dhiman custom class]

%put your code and formatting that you want to reuse.

Note : Must ensure that if you are creating your own .cls file then you don’t have a need to include article or any \documentclass explicitly in .tex file. You just load required main class in your custom .cls file.

Now use your custom .cls in your .tex file


%%%%%% Content here%%%%%


Wedding Card in LaTeX

Today created  a   Wedding Card in LaTeX. It’s looking good and beautiful. Through it , I come to know new things about LaTeX. Normally, when we use \begin{center} environment , It keeps all  content in the center that I want  in wedding card. But at the end, i.e when I have to display venue, I don’t want that text in the center. But the table was showing  that data in the center because of the environment used. So, I changed c|c to l|l. It gives me desire result that I want.

Secondly, we can’t put more newline  space using “\ \”. For example: I put 2 line space after “on April 30.2016”. when I used “\\” 2 times, it was giving error. So, to remove this error I just put  extra”\+space” before “\\”. It solved my problem and I gave 2 line space at desired location.

Review my Wedding Card 🙂

Screenshot from 2016-04-24 22:48:39

Newspaper’s style article using LaTeX

LaTeX support various styles of article which are used for  different purpose such as journal article, Newspaper article and simple article etc. Each has its own rule and style. Before this, I just written simple article. But today, I created article in LaTeX, which seems very good. It’s style is similar to article that are published in Newspapers.

My article name is Second Life. Means life, that we live on internet by creating accounts on various websites. I take it from Newspaper and convert it into  LaTeX. I convert this article into LaTeX, because I am creating my LaTeX portfolio.

Here is article :   Second-life

What to do when JabRef unable to search through Websearch

JabRef is used as a reference manager we  are working with bibliography in LaTex. In JabRef user can easily find any journal and can create its database very easily. There are many ways to create .bib file automatically in Jabref. But sometimes we encounter an error regarding web search is not working. And whenever we type any topic on Google Scholar or IEEE, it does not give us

But sometimes we encounter an error regarding web search is not working. And whenever we type any topic on Google Scholar or IEEE, it does not give us response. The reason behind this, you are using old version of JabRef and java. I encounter this problem of web search because I was using JabRef 2.99 version and java 1.7. To solve this, I just download JabRef-3.2.jar file and try to run this with OpenJDK 1.7 . But it was giving following error due to old version of java. Error was JabRef-3.2.jar was not compatible with OpenJDK 1.7.

Screenshot from 2016-03-11 22:53:10

So, I install new versions of both (JabRef-3.2 and OpenJDK 1.8). Just follow following steps to work with JabRef properly.

Check version of java.

java -version

Install openjdk1.8

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:openjdk-r/ppa
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install openjdk-8-jdk

Now if you have 2 versoin of java, then default java will be your old version i.e 1.7. Now make Openjdk 1.8 as your default using

sudo update-alternatives --config java

it will show you all version that are installed. Just type sequence no. of version that you want to use as default.

Install JabRef (new version)

Download JabRef 3.2.jar file from

Now don’t have a need to install it, Just run JabRef from .jar file using

java -jar JabRef